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Hi, I am John.

Health Yoga was established in 2007 to focus on helping others to achieve a pain-free life through Yoga and Therapy. What is unique is that we deliver faster results by working on the source of the problems. Since then, we have helped individuals with health restoration, including corporations (such as Philips, Applied Materials, iHIS, KLA+, Media Corp, Marina Bay Alliance, Karma Kagyud Buddhist Center), schools (such as Yogapoint, One World International School, Damai Primary School, North Brooks Secondary School), government agencies (Sunrise in the City, Mountbatten Community Center, Singapore Army) and volunteered at Monfort Care Goodlife. We also give talks on how Yoga helps in everyday life.

Why is there pain and tension in most people?

It is common that when we ask anyone whether they have any tension or pain in their body, most people would say “yes”. Those who say "no" are probably unaware or avoiding to trigger it.

It is largely due to afflictive emotions, unsettled mind or an onslaught of a disease or illness. Other reasons are imbalance of the body (too much or too little movements), improper posture, injury or in-born etc.

Why is it difficult to overcome it?

It is because we cannot relate to what the body is telling us, and respond correctly and timely.

Having had pain in most of my adulthood, I have learnt many types of healing modalities near and far, to heal myself and realized that we can have a pain-free life without the use of medication, in a holistic manner.

Health Yoga is also supported by the many volunteers, teachers, partners and clients that contributed to our enriching journey, whom we are greatly grateful for.

Why Choose Us

Start your health journey with us


Our teachers are passionate about their cause of bringing yoga to the masses


Focused on traditional yoga while appreciating the non-harming way of learning something profound


Promote ownership of health and accelerate the self-healing qualities of body & mind to produce positive results


Acquire knowledge through both theoretical and practical to reach your true self

You are only as flexible as your spine

Joseph Pilates
Course Graduate

John is the right teacher that guided me with useful tips and helped to heal my “ko yat” body. Hope you will continue to guide me in my Yoga practice. I definitely enjoyed your class, always.

Course Graduate

I have been searching for a teacher to follow, a teacher that teaches from the heart and truly cares. I am grateful that the stars aligned and I met John.

Gek Hiok
Course Graduate

You have made my learning journey an energetic and positive one, filled with wealth of knowledge and friendship most students came along with. Thank you for your selfless teachings, guidance, always so much motivation and positivity in whatever circumstances.