Yoga Therapeutic Sequence
Time: 18 Hours
Prerequisite: Trigger Point 1 Course, Trigger Point 2 Course, Meridian Yoga Assisted Stretch, Yin Yang Yoga & Energy
Instructor: John
Yoga Trigger Point 2

The final step to add further value and complete the course with practicals and easy-to-follow sequences to help yourself and loved ones. Being the last module, it provides insights on how to achieve fast and effective results.

 The course focus on how to diagnose and execute hands-on techniques to release tension in the body.   The more accurate the diagnosis, the faster is the result regardless of what healing methods are used. This course focuses on the prevention of health issues and degeneration of our health through the understanding of pranic energy and the function of organs.

The outcome of this course is to enable the student to have a holistic view of health issues and execute a hands-on routine that works on the root of the problem for your clients.

Prerequisite: Course Graduate who have completed other modules.

Limited intake and only available at Health Yoga!


  • Combine the healing methods using specific sequence using the six pairs of meridians:

    1. Self-healing methods and sequence.
    2. Revise the pair of meridians for healing:
      • Gall bladder and Liver
      • Lungs and Heart
      • Stomach and Spleen
      • Urinary Bladder and Kidney
      • Pericardium and Triple Energizer
    3. Kleisha and Antarayas affecting health
    4. Tips for effective pain relief:
      • Using 5 senses
      • Blocks and balls
    5. Devise plans for pain relief and prevention
    6. Assessment for certification


  •  Course duration (18 hours)
  • Private 2-pax minimum and maximum 4 persons in class
  • Sat Only – 3 days, 26 Oct – 9 Nov 24, 10:15 am – 5:15 pm
  • Sun Only -
3 days, 7 Oct – 10 Nov 24, 10:15 am – 5:15 pm


  • An invaluable skill set for yoga practioners, therapists, teachers, housewives and those interested in helping others.
  • Learn how to identify areas of tension and various ways to unblock them which are often related to the organs and mind.
  • Prescribe plans for fast pain relief and prevention based traditional energy concepts.
  • Ability to use poses, blocks and balls to address different pain issues.
  • Ability to speed up the self-healing process by working from head to toe.
  • Help yourself and others to relieve pain and tension.
  • Guidance after the course has completed and explore possible collaboration.
  • Small size class for better focus and attention. (2 pax min, 4 pax max)


  • $1395/pax
    – Free 1 Yoga Wellness Therapy

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